Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hair Colour Change,Quiff color remover and Fudge Head Paint colour review.

Over the past week I have been contemplating whether to change my hair colour.
Up until last June I had been blonde all my life, my natural colour is blonde, but I'd always had a high lift colour or bleach to make it even more blonde and more of an ashy tone.
But when I had a drastic change to go from a blonde to a brunette  I thought I'd never change again (even with being a hairdresser).
But on Friday I finally picked up the courage to have a change, I've been wanting to go copper for a while now but as red is my favourite colour I was scared in case all my favourite red clothes and red lipsticks would clash against it. But after trying out different tones of reds I've founds they go really nice with coppery red hair.
So on Friday I got one of the girls in the salon to put a stripper on my hair to lift the majority of the dark tones out.

Hair before

Hair during colour removing treatment

Hair washed and dried after first attempt.
After two attempts with the colour remover and with it lift the majority of the colour out we then decided to do a quick bleach bath on it, this is used to lift out the rest of the unwanted tones and to lighten it up for the copper to go a really bright colour, were as if we had put the copper colour over this it would have not gone as bright looking.
During the bleach bath.
 After bleach bath (my hair at this point looks really dry but it was not at all, my hair is naturally curly and frizzy so this is what it looks like after just being blasted with the dryer)
So after the bleach bath, we put my full head colour on and my bleach flashes with tiny slices of bright red to make a contrast to the blonde and copper.
And ended with this..

I don't think this photo does it any just to be honest because it is so much brighter in person.
To keep on top of it though I will be using fudge sachets In red and copper to keep the brighten and shine, twice a week in between my monthly colours.
With being a hairstylist and having access to buy this from the wholesale, I know that you would not be able to buy these from any supermarket or beauty shop. Ask around your local hairdressers to see if they stock fudge Products and they should have these in. There amazing for maintain a healthy shiny colour in between your monthly hair appointments.
You may also be able to buy them from the fudge website.
Also the Quif colour remover that I used can only be purchased form a hairdressing wholesale and can not be sold to an unqualified hairstylist.
But if your wanting something similar to this colour removing process talk to your local hair salon for advice.
All colour used on my hair are Fudge Head paint permanent colours and Fudge speed bleach.
For More info about the Salon where I work at add our facebook page.
Beth xo

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