Monday, 15 July 2013

My 1960 Standard Ensign

Ever since I was little I've always had a fascination with classic cars, I get this from my Dad.
My dad has had his fair share of classic cars in the past one of my favourites being the Mercedes 1970 S E.
After visiting the Tatton Park classic car show this year I came across at 1957 Vauxhall Cresta to which I fell in love with straight away, but I was hit back to find that they are very rare and in mint condition can cost up to £30,000.
I also fell for a Austin A40 Somerset which again are very rare to find.

A Mercedes 1970 S E

Me with a 1957 Vauxhall Cresta

Me and Daniel at the Classic car show with a Wolseley

Then my dad came across a little 1960 Standard Ensign.
She needed a lot of doing but we knew that when she'd be finished she'd be a lovely little thing.
The actual car came from Edinburgh Scotland off an elderly man, who also wanting to get her on the road again, but due to his wife falling ill he chose to sell it instead of letting her waste in his garage. We Promised that once we got her done we would send photos to him to show him the work we have done on her.
We haven't started a great deal of work on her yet, but I'll make new blogs every time we make changes to her, we plan to keep her as original as possible but change the colours slightly. But I honestly cannot wait until she's done!
Until the next blog,
Love Beth xo


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