Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Art Deco Dita Von Teese Make up review
I have always been a lover of Art Deco make up, and was so excited when I found out that Dita Von Teese was collaborating with them.
I have had her collection of the products since they first came out but recently I have
purchased the Golden Vintage collection which she has done, my favourite being the mascara and lipstick box.
The Box set

Golden Vintage Lipstick in #28

Golden Vintage Mascara in #01
When I first used the lipstick I thought it would be a lot like the long lasting Dita Von Teese Art Deco Lipstick which its quite matte and drags when putting on.
But instead it was very smooth and velvet like, the colour in number 28 is quite a bright yet intense red it is very similar to the colour on the actual Art Deco picture. I tried it without lip liner first to see if it bled after a while but it was fine and stayed exactly the same no bleeding, no smudging just perfect.
I found that it did not stay on my lips for as long as the long lasting Art Deco Lipstick, but for a lovely shine popping lips I would definitely recommended.

The Mascara was one I couldn't wait to try. I have never found the perfect mascara for myself before and when I first purchased this I thought, I would be another 'tried it, didn't like it, binned it' but to my surprise I loved it! The actual mascara wand it quite slim but the bristles are really thick to really drag them lashes up and get every single one! For the actual mascara it was perfect it dried quick and wasn't hard when it dried so I didn't have that 'spiders leg' effect. It was lovely and soft and did not irritate my eyes, also my main problem with mascaras in the past have been that by end of the day I've ended up with panda eyes or dots underneath my eyes from where the mascara have smudged off. But I didn't have panda eyes all day (apart from when I take my make up off and its all over my face).
I hoped this helped anyone who is thinking of buying any Art Deco products especially the Dita Von Teese collection. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.
Beth xo

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  1. LOVE dita! Have you tried her perfume? I'm dying to try it
    Xo Lauren